Digital Printing a new age for T-shirts

Digital printing or direct to garment printing as it is sometimes known as is a relatively new concept and works in the same way as an inkjet printer but we use t-shirts instead of paper.  What sets it apart from other printing processes for garments is that it can produce much higher resolution prints, making it great for replicating detailed images onto your t-shirt. Set-up times and color arrangements are no longer considered complex or time consuming.

Digital Printing a new age for T-shirts

Process :-

  • Digital Printing a new age for T-shirts artwork ProcessArtwork being processed by a computer. Attention should be placed on the resolution and format of the final file take from the designer.
  • The design is directly printed onto the surface of your product

Best usage for design of :-

  • high amounts of detail
  • orders of a smaller
  • lighter colored shirts

Things to consider:

  • Digital Printing a new age for T-shirts special needsWhen printing digitally, while prints on white shirts are nice and soft, prints on dark colors tend to be a bit rubbery since there needs to be a rather significant under base to retain colors.
  • Its more or less limited to 100% cotton and printing polyester on is okay as long as no under base is needed.
  • Digital printing’s blues and violets just don’t look good on an under base.  It also might not cater to special needs like metallics, glow in the dark and UV sensitive colors.

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