Creating budgeted Marketing Collaterals

marketing collateral

Creating budgeted Marketing Collaterals


Finding oneself staring on a creepy Tri-fold brochure or not liking your own visiting card with clip art is a nightmare!

Most small businesses will say, “I can’t afford the thousands it takes for a professional logo and superior design. I only produce small quantities and it is just cost-prohibitive.”

We are sorry to say you are WRONG!

Marketing collateral is media used to promote your brand to a specific target audience. This is like an invitation which creates an image in your prospective clients mind. This small communication between you and your costumer might become the actual reason of buying at your customers’ end.

Thus, there are no excuses for CREEPY brochures, poor visiting cards, pixelating leaflet, pamphlets and copied posters advertisements.

IT’S YOUR BRAND – Remember you are creating an image every time you go out, you say something, or write something

SOME SECRET WEAPONS – don’t leave everything for the designer. You probably understand your product, service and your customers’ much better. Try to write some killer copy line which you can use every time. Repetitive usages, of content increase recall value of your brand.

Logos – It is usually a very scary thing when people develop their own logo. Don’t dictate what MUST go into the logo, but communicate what you want the logo to represent. It makes for a much better logo!

Marketing Collaterals Design in Dehradun

Graphic Design – From clever templates, to stock design, there are a number of options here for very little investment if you have the time to play with them. If you don’t have the time, then a good graphic designer (link this to graphic design page) is worth their weight in gold.

Professional Images – A picture says a thousand words. It is not advisable to use Google searched images always. But even if you are make sure they match the high resolution requirements of your printer also if you are not pro hiring a professional photographer buy some stock images they will stick with you for long time.

The Perfect Words – It’s important to spend time and money on your copy. It is usually the part that delays the project or can cause the piece to be the least effective.

And finally Printing on a Budget With digital printing, gone are the days of mandatory high volume printing. Today you can order effective quantities in minimum budgets. Do not fear to order online if your city doesn’t have this facility after all it is all about your brand image!

At Eduhive Creative studio we craft Effective, Clean, Modern, Colorful, Contemporary designs. A company’s marketing assets are everything that an organization has in its arsenal for getting the word out and keeping their brand in the market. We love to discuss new ideas and concepts. So If you want to share your idea or looking for a design partnership Connect To Us.

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