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India currently has a total population of over 1.36 billion people. Of that population, 230 million or 70% are active social media users. 52.3% of social media results come from millennial’s. On average, Indian users spend 2.4 hours on social media a day.

Can Social Media Marketing Increase Brand Awareness?

Today there is no doubt on the impact social media can create for any BRAND. Social media has made possible for MSME’S to make their business recognisable worldwide. 

It’s well known that today every business needs to Build a vibrant presence across social platforms to captivate their target customers, But we have often seen businesses wondering about the building blocks of social media strategy. However there is no one plan which can work for all businesses but there are definitely steps which can be taken for building a successful brand awareness via social media marketing.

How Social Media Marketing Can Be Used?

We at Eduhive Creative Studio have tried to simplify social media marketing for small business owners to understand and apply.

1. Build Awareness By Developing A Distinct Brand Voice

A loyal following on social media platforms can be the biggest weapon in your brand’s arsenal! Through our unique mix of creativity powered by genius, business can create, grow and sustain brand awareness on social media.

  • Tell your brand story : Every brand has a personality. A compelling and evocative brand personality will help you establish a deep connect with your audience. Work closely with your team to understand your brand’s unique personality and ensure to find the best strategy to communicate it.
  • Develop viral content : –  Always have a finger on the pulse of the social world. Through expertise, conceptualise campaigns designed to go viral. With a good team of socially-savvy experts, all you need to do is take a seat and watch your brand story spread like wildfire!
  • Identify the right platforms : – Every platform can help you meet a specific set of objectives. It is  important to develop tailor made campaigns for various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. One design or strategy doesn’t fit all!
  • Design:- Transform loyal audiences into successful leads .The power of social media doesn’t end at just brand awareness. The massive reach social media offers makes it one of the most effective ways for brands to reach their consumers through targeted messages.

2. Transform Loyal Audiences Into Successful Leads

Don’t just promote your brand, take your consumers through a journey. This starts right from creative posts that capture their attention, nurturing them through sustained community building to finally converting them into leads through compelling calls-to-action.

  • Full-funnel marketing : Creating a full-funnel marketing strategy requires taking a step back and gaining a high-level view of the funnel — and then connecting that broad, long-term vision with the short-term tactics that will get you there.  A full-funnel marketing approach reaches potential consumers based on where they fall within the funnel.
  • Native: Through native advertising on platforms like Facebook’s Audience Network and Instagram, experienced social media experts can ensure your brand gains maximum exposure among highly-relevant audiences.

What Social Media Marketing Agencies Do? 

India’s social media users are growing by the second! Whether your target audience is diverse or niche, you can be certain that social media is a huge part of their everyday lives. Thus, brands often consider hiring social media agency.

But if you are wondering when all platforms are free of cost  What social media marketing agency do?

Then In a nutshell, most day-to-day activities inside a social media marketing agency are focused on creating and organising content, and then scheduling and publishing that content across various channels.

Also these agencies regularly audit accounts and use that data to make detailed internal reports that inform brands on content direction and overall strategy. 

Great Social Media marketing bridges Brand Awareness with sales. 

When you hire a social media marketing agency you are basically spending money to reach more people, so being sure that you have the correct targeting, content, message, creative.

As social media is constantly evolving, there are plenty of standalone services that social media agencies do and offer. If you are looking to  hire a social media agency, At Eduhive creative studio, we’ve tested a number of different digital tactics in order to target, engage, and convert the audiences of our clients.

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