Digital Marketing Strategies for Dehradun

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies for Dehradun


We have all read and seen many articles on how digital marketing is helpful for business, how today you can target more customers by reaching them on social media platforms, why is SEO important for your website etc… the list goes on. But what are the best practices which are very important if you want to promote your products and services via digital marketing in small town like Dehradun. We have listed some of the most important techniques which you can use.

    • Being on social media doesn’t mean you should be present in all platforms. It is advisable to do less but do the ones which matter the most.
    • Develop messages in parallel to local culture. People often connect easily with roots.
    • No matter your business is big or small or a start up idea your site must be mobile responsive. Static Websites are tales of gone days. Make sure your website is dynamic by nature in Dehradun.
    • Submissions on online directories and classified primarily helps you to improve your SEO. But make sure if you are targeting local area then your list must have local listings.
    • Online Advertising is best if done target to a niche. If you are operating locally collect data like numbers and email ids of your customer create a lookalike audience using the data you have. Select the geographic boundaries as close as you can and exclude and include based on the behavior pattern of your audience. Remember it is not about wider audience it is about finding the relevant audience.
    • Above all it is very important every activity is analyses in a funnel format. To understand this you need to record in terms of first the reach you acquired, second how many people out of the reach clicked or took any kind of action and finally out of action taken how many resulted in final purchase or contact to your business. This matrix will not only help you to understand what kind of marketing is helping you more but will also tell you what is the liking of your customers which experiment of yours is a pass.
    • Most of brands forget that they are over pushing their products. Remember always the organic reach will help you more. Also in semi urban cities like Dehradun word of mouth helps a lot. So ask your happy customers’ to write a review or two for you. And showcase your work.

    P.S. Although reading this article it might seem very easy but it is always advisable to take a expert team by your side even if your town is like Dehradun, so that you can concentrate on the multi dimensional activities of being an entrepreneur.

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