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What is Animation?


Animation is a powerful medium of storytelling and has the capability of cutting across geographical boundaries, as well as making complex subjects more understandable and engaging. Animation has revitalized the learning environment in many ways by presenting innovative methods to convey topics and concepts, and these are continually evolving. For a start, it has helped to make education more enjoyable, thus making learning more gratifying and effective. Insights into the use of animation to increase learning potential have also developed.

So how exactly can an animated video used to facilitate learning? Let’s take a look.

  • animation enchanceAnimated video has been used across a broad range of subjects, to inform and explain. This is often done by creating a memorable story or concept, or by clarifying complicated topics with the use of images, movement, audio and text. Animations have proven to be particularly useful when something is not easily shown in reality. One of the greatest benefits of animation is that it is exceptionally flexible, versatile, and does not restrict imagination.
  • A series of short videos to cover a topic, perhaps with each one summing up a module at the end of that part of the course. Common characters in each video can make the learning experience more continuous and provide a stable platform for learning.
  • One of the fantastic advantages of animation in teaching is that it is an engaging method that can be embraced for any subject and from any location. Whether working in class, in the library or at home, if a student has access to effective animated videos they can be motivated to learn and improve. This also allows them flexibility to progress at their own pace.
  • There is no age barrier for the use of animated video – it can be used right from toddlers, across primary and secondary school, across to adulthood. The rising number of popular animated TV series for adults indicates that this is a medium that can be just as appealing to all age groups. +
  • The multi-sensory aspect of animation also makes it appealing to a broad range of learning types. Almost all gaps in teaching could be closed with this captivating tool. Well designed, effectively implemented animated videos that are supported by other teaching tools have great potential to motivate and enhance learning potential for students across the board.

enhance learning engagement and effectiveness

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