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Great Storytelling Drives Great Metrics

The need for video marketing services is on the rise with more and more people connecting digitally. People understand things much faster when it is ‘shown’ to them. Grab audience attention, and enrich your business by storytelling.

Entice, Evoke & Engage The Viewer's Heart.

We believe that stories are the easiest way to explain a concept to anyone in this clamorous world. At Eduhive Creative Studio we create unique, handcrafted videos that link ideas to emotions, connect brands to audiences and help you get where you need to go. Whether you’re selling a product, service or vision –
We can help you do it better!



Explain your ideas in the blink of an eye, to generate a buzz in social media.
Tell us What challenge is your business facing? We can help you solve it with video.

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Humanize your business by connecting to viewers emotionally and strengthening your brand voice. Videos set you apart from other companies by highlighting your unique angle on the product or service offering. The catchier and more innovative the video, the more customers will remember your company rather than your competitors. Communicate your brand to your audience and drive engagement on social media platforms over a short window of time.

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Did you know that people are more likely to buy a product if they first saw an explainer video? From Sales pitches to understanding the functioning explainer videos let your products speak for themselves. We create explainer videos that break down complex messages, infuse a visual punch and showcase the true value of your product. Tell your story with a personalized script and eventually turns your customers into faithful brand ambassadors.

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Promotional videos are a fantastic way to target a specific audience and instantly engage them. You can also definitely re-use the videos on social media as part of your content creation strategy, without worrying that people will get tired of seeing them. If you are planning an event or launch, Promotional Videos are one of the best collateral

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Let’s take a practical approach to ensure the learning is engaging, leads to genuine knowledge transfer and improves performance. We create Useful videos that inform your audience.  We will assimilate the available data, organize, and segregate this based on contextual effectiveness and relevance. We also take e-learning projects and develop  learning experiences that will stick with your learners.

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Video Marketing Services

Statistically, over 80% increase is guaranteed for the use of video marketing in your sales revenue.

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More than 90% of worldwide video users consider video creation and distribution as a priority in marketing and brand building. At Eduhive Creative Studio we are used to explaining very complex concepts — so we know what questions to ask and what information to gather. We make sure do develop videos that’s custom for your brand and lives up to your company’s reputation 

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More than 5 billion videos are seen across all mediums worldwide every day with over two billion active users. Our vast experience on creating compelling videos means high value and low risk for your business.

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More than 85% of businesses use video on their website while more than 75% of businesses use videos on their social media pages. You get the quality, custom video you deserve — without the hassle, hang-ups, communication issues, or ambiguity

Questions We Get Asked Often

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Video can help you communicate better, in several languages and in the shortest possible time? Also it is one of the best ways to simplify complex ideas

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Initially, yes.The easy way out is to create email, PDFs and newsletters. But most people just skim through this material and your main message may be lost altogether. Due to expanding digital reach, as per stats, videos are considered to have maximum conversion rates.  There is a need for every business today to create a set of video assets that best explains its products.

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Video vs. Print : This is a no-contest. Give people the option of clicking on a film and reading through paragraphs of text and the video will win 99 percent of the time.

Video vs. Email and Newsletters : Email open rates, even for the best performing newsletters and emails remains at 3-4%.

Video vs. Radio : Having your audience ‘see’ the product or solution works far better than just audio.

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Video content offers you amazing benefits. Videos produced can be distributed across all social media channels, embedded on website, link sharing via messaging platforms, advertised on PVR or other digital mediums. The scope is limitless.

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Eduhive Creative Studio: Best Video Marketing Services in Dehradun, India

Eduhive Creative Studio offers effective video marketing services to promote your business. We offer engaging explainer, promotional, social and e-learning videos that help tell your story.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a process of using video to promote or market your brand, product or service.Video marketing is the fastest growing online marketing tool vastly used for brand promotions.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing helps businesses to

  • Reach more viewers across the globe
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Increase Conversions
  • Boost SEO

Video Marketing Services by Eduhive Creative Studio

Eduhive Creative Studio offers video as per your business idea and needs like Explainer videos, Promotional videos, Introductory videos, Marketing videos & Interactive E-learning videos.