Mountain, river, forest, pleasure, leisure all rolled into one image – Avatara By Bhagirati Resort. We accepted a change to redefine a decade old resort when its management changed.  New cottages needed new voice as Bhagirathi resort was ready to cater to all needs of leisure!

Corporate Branding

Our main design goal was to give the brand a personality that it lacked until this point. We used the location as the foundation for further works. Avatara  is a brand that offers its customers a multi-level experience – passion for family, in touch with nature, taking your breath away, distance from everyday problems and finally rest in a fantastically well designed place.

Primarily for this logo we took inspiration from those things which most fully reflect the brand. The surroundings symbolized by the leaves and modern edged typography. The brand strengthens body and soul, pure emotions focused by a pallet of carefully chosen green shades.

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Environment Design

Three distinctive menu were designed for placements at – room, indoor restaurant, outdoor restaurant. I addition hoardings and bord placement at pool ad other areas were developed to be in sync with the brand theme

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Web Design

Strength In Nature

The simplicity of design and colors helped us to identify the brand and at the same time not obscure patterns, colors and forms, which resonate throughout the website.

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Digital Marketing


The social media campaigns with an elegant and quirky twist brought out the real essence.  From Facebook posts to email marketing, our strategy was completely consumer-centric that enhanced the customer engagement with the brand, leading to more sales and brand loyalty.

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