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what are animated infographic videos?


There is a new trend taking over the world in the form of animated infographic videos. They are entertaining, engrossing and impart a lot more information in lesser time.

But with the entire buzz over infographic videos nowadays, there is a common question that comes up in your mind more often than not. Why should I transform data of static infographics into videos when they are already working well? Well, think about it. Are they really working as well as they should be? Are you generating results even close to those you had hoped for?

Through video form, animated infographics bridge the gap between what you just see and what actually gets registered in your brain.


Where static infographics consist of endless lists of incomprehensible text, animated infographics bring out the underlying stories behind all the data being provided to the listener. This results in higher concentration and retention. Animated infographics can transform the dull data into a moving tale in ways that capture everyone’s imagination.

So it is not really a question of either one being better than the other, but one of moving ahead with changing times and improving the productivity at any cost. There are times when animated infographics can take your visuals where the static ones cannot. And they are not as expensive and time consuming as you might think they are. They come at a reasonable cost and will be ready as and when you require them to be.

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