Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

social media marketing tips

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Every business small or big needs to constantly find new customers as well as create a recall of their brand for the old once. With Social Media platforms becoming almost daily need of people around the world, one of the best and obvious ways for business to enhance and grow is social media marketing. But social media can be exhausting, miscalculated, and sometimes expensive. Due to which many small business do not feel like exploring the hidden potential of social media management. So if you are a company still thinking whether you should invest on social media management or not here is a simple stat for you.

“Customers spend 20% to 40% more on products/services by companies who engage with them on social media.”

Also, when compared to traditional marketing techniques, with social media marketing for small business you have a higher chance of getting a positive return on investment. This is due to the fact that marketing via social media is much cheaper for a small business, especially one with a limited budget. Other than this there are various other benefits like directly engaging with customers which help you to understand their needs in an easier way. Getting data which can be analyzed, and used for re-marketing on various levels. Experimentation of new product or service line is easier. It is easier to communicate company ethics and thought process. Above all you become more reachable for your customers. So let’s not wait and check out some of the tips listed by our team for social media management for small business.

  1. Identify your social audience: Like the traditional format of marketing knowing your customer or knowing your target audience is foremast in social media. You must know your customers’ behavior and try to understand their communication methods. This will not also help you to decide on what and how to do postings on your social media pages. But it will also help you to understand what social media platforms are beneficial for you. It is not import that you should be present in all it is important that you are present in the relevant once.
  2. Create a social content calendar: Planning is the key to success in social media make monthly calendar with objectives on what you want to tell your customer cover import dates, nation holidays, offers and other information you want to give to your customer. Remember it is not only about giving information but it is also about telling why your customers’ should choose you. Also unlike the traditional format we at Eduhive Creative Studio often tell our customers it is not necessary to post every day.
  3. Build relationships with engagement: It is important that you post content with is meaningful and generate curiosity about your brand or product or service. It is important to give information but it is also import to be a part of their day to day activities. Don’t push your product every day. Build quizzes, polls, or ask opinion to increase engagement of your customers’ with your brand
  4. Find the best hashtags to use: Hashtags can increase your reach tremendously and even incentivize customers to share your content onto their timelines. You can also observe bigger brand in your domain and track the famous hastags they consistently use. Other than this there are always some daily tags like #ThrowbackThursday #MotivationalMonday #FunFriday etc which can be easily used.
  5. Audit your social presence: Whether you’ve been running your social media accounts for a while or have just been dabbling in social marketing it’s important to conduct an audit of your social presence. A social media audit will tell you what has worked, what hasn’t worked. It will help you to improve your content, as well as understand the connecting points for your customers’.
  6. Combine organic with paid: Yes posting in social media is free of cost, but if your messages aren’t getting the impressions or views that you’d like then probably you need to boost you’re your social media game. Paid ads help you to reach a wider audience. You can do more experimentation in terms of behaviors, demographics and geographic presence of your customers’. After all it is impossible that all your customers’ are in your reach always. But be very careful on the type of add and the objective you want to reach with it. Take an Experts advice if it is confusing for you. Optimizing ads might not be as easy a task.

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