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If you’re running a pay-per-click (PPC) traffic campaign, there’s a big chance that you’re sending that traffic to a landing page.

Though when using PPC traffic, you can’t just throw up a landing page and expect everything to work out for the best.
Rather, you need to ensure that you’re optimizing your landing page for conversions. If you don’t do this, your landing page will never reach its highest potential.

In this post, we’re going to cover best practices for PPC Landing pages

Best Practices For PPC Landing Pages

1. Optimize For Mobile

Did you know that 51% of shoppers say that they use mobile devices to find new brands and products? Since “smart” mobile and portable devices came onto the scene they have been steadily taking traffic from desktops. When you find yourself on a well-crafted mobile landing page something inside of you probably sighs happily because it just “feels” right and is oh-so-easy to use.

2. Targeted Content

1) Cut Anything You Can, Without Sacrificing Clarity.
2) Use Bullet Points
3) Keep Sentences and Paragraphs Short
4) Go Easy on Visuals and Videos
5) Use High Contrast

3. Compelling CTA

Particularly good landing pages for PPC typically contain just one focused campaign goal or objective known as a Call to Action (CTA). Their simplicity—and relevance—is what makes dedicated Landing pages one of the best ways to increase conversions from your paid traffic and lower the cost-per-click of your PPC campaigns.

4. Highlight Direct Value

The best performing PPC landing pages contain:-
1) Strong, contextual images (including a ‘hero shot’ at the top of the page)
2) A headline and sub-headline.
3) A singular, focused call to action (where your form or button will appear)
4) Clearly outlined features and benefits of your offer.

5. Use Your PPC Keywords

Use Your PPC Keywords as the Fuel for Your Landing Page Content. Keyword driven content on PPC landing pages is not just for the benefit of search engines. When you set up search campaigns you focus on tightly themed ad groups that target a set of keywords.

6. Keep Your Promises

A perfect marketing activity is one which shoots your sale. Yes all the points in below posts are important. But once the conversion is received fulfilling your promises is most important for you to convert this conversion into real buying client..

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