What is Microsite?

Reach a Global Audience

If you are a startup who wants to test drive an idea, or a company who wants to promote a specific product, service, project or segment of your company microsite has everything in it to fulfill your requirement of website development. A micro site can be a part of your current site targeting specifically to sell or enhance rank in search engine.

What is Microsite Website Development?

A microsite is usually made in form of an individual web page or (5-7) page cluster, with the objective of selling or increasing value of a specific product, project or service which your company wants to focus on currently. One the major benefits of microsite is that the focus is build on promoting/enhancing the value of your proposal to your customers and is ment for direct selling.

Microsites are typically used for specialized information. Such sites may be linked in to a main site or not or taken completely off a site’s server when the site is used for a temporary purpose.

Our Services

  • Domain & Web Hosting
  •  1 GB Web Space
  • CMS
  • All Browsers Compatibility
  • Gallery
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Live Chat
  • Social Share
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Official Email IDs

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Let's Partner

If you feel that your target audience or customer base may be accessing your website form a tablet or mobile device then a responsive web design is. Users are increasingly accessing your website from a device other than a desktop computer. Are you providing them with an interface that accommodates?

You need a web partner you can trust to build a quality responsive website.

Eduhive Creative Studio has extensive experience designing and implementing responsive web designs. We know the challenges that occur when developing a responsive design, and we know how to handle them. Our past experiences have helped us realize the keys to a successful implementation of a design across platforms.

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