Client Perspective “Story from a Developing State of a Developing Nation”

“Madam why are you charging so much, I have seen Go Daddy gets you online in 99Rs. Only, and my son’s friend will make it in 4500Rs. I like your work but the cost is very high” asked our client who was planning to take his real estate business on “www”.

Custom Website Design in Dehradun


Indeed our witty team had the perfect way to answer the question.

“Sir let’s think of the website as a house that’s to be constructed and let us explain what we are doing.”

  • Foremost we need a land. Now the price factors are; the size, the positioning; the security & the access to public. So let’s call this land as hosting. We will make sure that it is of perfect size and has good position. More over it will have good security and no problem in number of people visiting you
  • Once the land is selected it has to have a registry which showcases it’s belong to you. We call this is called as domain registration.
  • Then you need to hire an architect to design. Let’s call this person web designer; we will be responsible to give you a comfortable, expandable design service.
  • Once the design is selected you hire a developer. Our expert developers make sure that all the material (code) is of good quality and do not fail when used for a long period.
  • Now aesthetics play very important role, once the structure is made you decorate it as per your style. Hear the quality of workmanship determines the appeal. This is handled by our graphic designers; we thrive to develop compelling personalized graphics for your site.
  • Now you, carefully plan your furniture, and other required belongings. We call this as content. It not only determines how people (customers) understand your concepts, products, solutions but also lead to sale conversions.
  • Finally you decide to do a house warming party and invite the world to see your world. We help you to prepare for this party by submitting your site on search engines for your perspective clients.

“Now Sir you decide will you live in a home of Rs.99. Or you are ready to spend. FYI: Rs.99 provides you only the domain & kindly read the Terms and Conditions”

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