Rajya Sansadhan Kendra Praud Shiksha Uttarakhand

Industry: Uttrakhand Govt.


Praud shiksha abhiyan has been running across many states in India, with the aim to educate and empower the adults who have not received any kind of formal education, or are enable to write and read. In uttarakhand Praudh siksha is delivered through books which have been developed by the government. Akashardhara is one of primary books published by Rajya Sansadhan Kendra.

Eduhive Creative Studio was given the opportunity to convert the book into digital format in a interactive learning sessions which can be given to the various schools around the state. The learning was thus, plan in a manner that it can be propagated in individual as well as combined bundle format. The Represented video showcases some of the screens from the development. A narrative voice over of each chapter was given in the state language Hindi for easy understanding and adaptability.