Design is a Formal Response to a Strategic Question. With E-learning the questions and solutions can be brought out of the classroom in a global learning environment. This helps to develop an opportunity to learn anything from anywhere.



Imagination is the foundation of a great brands, products & services. At our studio, it’s not a method it’s magic. We strive to imagine & innovative unforgettable solutions. Our distinctive lateral ways of thinking allow us to capture the essence of each brand we work with.



Effective, Clean, Modern, Colorful, Contemporary just few words our clients have chosen to describe us. We thrive to craft; complex ideas, text & data into easy and understandable design, that are fresh as well as audience appropriate. We craft solutions for the heart which can engage, entice & evoke a personal support



We deliver a truly independent view of the challenges & opportunities that faces our clients. The truth is what can we do, we do well. If you’re looking for quality design solutions, you can be assured you will get the very best of us, each & every time.


The Right Learning Solution

We engage your learners, increase their knowledge retention, and inspire success with fully-customized solutions. Whether you are a college, university or training institute, we can take your organization’s training to the next level. Every solution we provide is tailored to the specific need and helps achieve organizational objectives. We specialize in creating educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that will stick with your learners.

Services :-

  • Lecture conversion and Bundling
  • Self running Quizzes and Results
  • Informative Animated Lectures (Read More*)
  • Web Learning Bundles
  • Story-Telling Videos


Chances are you’re here because you have something you need people to learn.  We make learning simple and develop the learning solution that’s right for you… all with a results-driven approach to instructional design. Sensitive to the mobile-centric generation, our learning specialists provide cutting-edge design techniques for interactive courses.

Demonstrations on how to do a particular task, followed by simulated exercises to enable learners to immediately apply their learning into practice, lead to early skill acquisition and better retention through interactive courses.

Our Solution:

Our Custom Content Development team uses a range of scripting methods, scenarios, storylines and interactive techniques combined with animation and graphics to customize interactive courses. Rock-solid foundations of instructional design, proficiency in graphic design and technological caliber have been our pillars of strength.  We strive to develop highly interactive online learning courses featuring scenarios of actual incidents.

Above all the Sessions are Custom designed keeping in mind the age group and result expectations from the coursework.

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The key is a learning experience that feels completely authentic to your learners – created just for them. You want it to be accessible, and in your tone of voice. And of course, you want a great design experience that’s completely tailored to your requirements to achieve the results you care about.


  • Learning videos for Kids
  • Interactive self learning CD on books

Our Approach & Solution

Our learning is based on a practical approach to ensure the learning is engaging, leads to genuine knowledge transfer and improves performance. This means:

  • Focusing on what matters
  • Making it goal-based
  • Reinforcing knowledge through lots of practice
  • Telling stories
  • Making it look (and sound) great
  • Talking learners’ language and making it real

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Simply Available

The applications for digital books today range from use as educational materials to publishing electronic copies of available data. The technological advances that provide increased computing functionality at lower cost Read More*.


  • Conversion of books into digital flip books
  • Conversion of printed books/ documents into digital format

USP ‘s:

  • Most formats used for digital books require the use of a specific type of software program to open and read the contents of the book. Most of these formats are configured to prevent readers from altering the text in any way, a fact that helps to preserve the integrity of the document.
  • With no printing costs involved, the amount of profit made on each e-book sold is much higher, even though the unit price is much lower than that of a hardbound copy.
  • With Digital Books you can converge of text, imagery, audio, video, animation, and interactivity in new kinds of documents

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Technology We Use


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Creating beautiful bespoke visuals

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Building  opportunity to influence people.

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Skilfully crafted thoughtful emotions

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Learning anytime anywhere

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